Bendable Light

[one_third][callout align=”right” width=”200px”]”She was bendable light: she shone around every corner of my day.”
— Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl*[/callout]

* Why Bendable Light? And why habits? Here I explain.

David Rodeback

WELCOME to David Rodeback’s online digest of writings and thought. 

You will find here themes of enduring consequence and others of no discernible consequence. I should warn you in advance that sometimes my thoughts come out as weird hybrids of the solemn and the silly.

So please savor the wheat (if any is to be found), blow away the chaff (of which there is plenty), and try to enjoy both.[/one_third][two_thirds_last]

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The Writing HabitThe Writing Habit

My and others’ thoughts about writing, plus my writings which don’t fit other categories, including fiction.

The Faith HabitThe Faith Habit

I am a Mormon (Latter-day Saint) — a Christian. Here I write both for Mormons and a more general audience.

The Reading HabitThe Reading Habit

Thoughts about reading and things I’m reading, from small snippets to full-blown book reviews.

The Freedom HabitThe Freedom Habit

On the habits and culture of free people — that is, government and politics. This is moved to

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The Freedom Habit has become its own site. Please follow the link.

What of LocalCommentary?

My old blog and web site still exist at I’ll be adapting and moving some of the highlights here, if they’re not about politics and government, or to, if they are.

Beginning in mid-October 2014, discussions specific to American Fork, Utah County, the Alpine School District, and the State of Utah are at — unless they related to local elections, in which case, beginning in October 2015, you’ll find them at[/one_third] [two_thirds_last]