Bendable Light (Where David Rodeback Writes)

David Rodeback

Welcome! You’ve found David Rodeback’s online digest of writings and thoughts. Here you’ll encounter themes of enduring consequence and themes of no discernible consequence. Please savor the wheat (if any is to be found), blow away the chaff (of which there is plenty), and enjoy both if you can. Thanks for reading.

You’re probably here for one of these categories of my writing. (If not, see below.)

If you’re here for everything, regardless of topic, here it is in blog style, with the latest post first.

Looking for Something Else?

If you’re looking for my essays on politics and government, that’s a separate site, — unless you want information and commentary about elections and issues local to American Fork, Utah. In that case you want, where most of the writing comes in bursts during election seasons.

If you’re a long-time reader, you may wonder about my old blog at It’s still there, but it’s been dormant for years, and I’m gradually adapting and moving some of the highlights to my current sites, as appropriate.

If you’re looking for posts on digital marketing, which has been all or part of my day job for the last decade or so, there’s a separate site for that too. I call it Sensible Digital Marketing, but the URL is That’s not dot-com, dot-org, dot-net, or dot-US, but dot-marketing; strange new world, eh? It’s been a while since I posted there; I’ll be posting more soon, I hope.

Wondering Why “Bendable Light”?

Allow me to explain. For me these themes are bendable light. They shine around the corners of my days, as Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl does for her young admirer. Perhaps something here will brighten your day too.