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Where We Do Difficult Things:
Good AF Writers

Like Good AF Writers, most critique groups have three nerve-wracking activities in common: reading an excerpt of your writing aloud, hearing others’ feedback on your writing, and giving others your feedback on their writing.

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Recent Reading: 10 More Books and a Memory

The more I read, the more I want to talk about what I read — and I’ve been reading more…

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Books I’ve Read Lately (14 of Them)

Lately I’ve been finishing books I started reading in the last year or two — and enjoyed, but left unfinished….


On Writing: “I can’t teach you how to have something to say.”

Here are a few more gems — I know it’s been a while — from Ann Padgett’s “The Getaway Car:…

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About that American Fork Critique Group

Last time, I told you about the critique group held twice a month by the American Fork chapter of the League of Utah Writers. Here I’ll give you a better taste of how it works, in case you’re on the fence about whether it will work for you.

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Writing in American Fork (If You’re Serious)

American Fork’s chapter of the League of Utah Writers (LUW) meets twice monthly, on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, at 6:00 p.m. We usually meet in the American Fork Library. Check the Good AF Writers Facebook group for current information.

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven, Chris Cleave

Chris Cleave’s Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Two novels I’ve read in the past year stand head and shoulders above the rest. The first is Chaim Potok’s The…

Simply Good Books

Reading in Transit: Jana Riess and Julie Schumacher

Context (or Chatter) I spend more time writing than reading, these days — too little of both — and I…


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