Family Video Night, Holiday Version

An excerpt:

For full effect, picture my relatively straight-laced family in front of my house on our quiet, Christmas-lit street, as midnight approaches on Christmas Eve. Huge snowflakes fall gently. My brother-in-law and his relatively straight-laced family pull away in their car, headed home. Their windows are open, the horn honks, and they yell out the windows, “Thanks for doing this, Ellen!” I and mine call loudly after them, as if with one voice, “Go to h-ll, Bill!” It’s a beloved ritual.

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Four Ways to Publish Those Family Treasures

When I decided it was time to republish my maternal grandmother’s biographical essays for the family, about a generation after the first time we published them, they printed up nicely, but that didn’t seem like enough. I also published them for Kindle and Nook, and as a PDF file I could easily e-mail.

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Searching for Sergeant Pinney

One small part of my work on a soldier’s biography I’m writing — well, mostly researching at the moment — is my search for Sergeant John S. Pinney. My search for him in newspapers and genealogical databases had been in vain, until I noticed that my subject pronounced the surname differently one day in an interview. I had tried alternate spellings before, just not the right one.

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