About David Rodeback

David Rodeback has lived in American Fork, Utah, since 1998. Before that he lived in:

  • Boulder, Colorado (10 years)
  • Moreland, Idaho (8 years)
  • Provo, Utah (4 years)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1 year)
  • Jamestown, New York (9 months)
  • Moscow, Russia (then USSR, 2 months)
  • Alexandria, Virginia (4 months)
  • Ithaca, New York (9 years)
  • Rob and Cheri Hancock’s basement in Orem, Utah (6 weeks)

He was schooled at:

  • Aurora 7 Elementary in Boulder, Colorado (since renamed — the school, that is)
  • Riverside Elementary in Riverside, Idaho
  • Snake River Junior High in Thomas, Idaho
  • Snake River High School in Thomas, Idaho (Class of 1983)
  • Utah State University (one summer)
  • Brigham Young University
  • The Pushkin Russian Language Institute
  • Cornell University

He has taught at the following fine institutions:

  • Riverside Elementary — Spelling (a possible child labor violation)
  • Brigham Young University — Russian Language
  • Cornell University — Russian and Soviet Literature and English Composition
  • Cornell LDS Institute of Religion — Advanced Book of Mormon
  • Barratt Elementary — Pre-Algebra (volunteer)
  • Utah Career College (now Broadview University) — English Composition
  • (with any luck, this list will get longer)

He’s on this third career (depending on how you count them):

  1. Teaching Russian language and literature at the university level. (Never got off the ground, due to an unfinished PhD and a disappearing job market.)
  2. Computer programmer (mostly C++, C#, Perl, and some VB) — and database programmer, designer, and administrator. (Full-time 1997-2010, but there seems to be no end to the moonlighting.)
  3. Digital marketing (mostly PPC, including paid search, display, paid social — since 2010). After working in-house for FamilyLink and MyHeritage and doing agency work for several years, he is now Chief Marketing Technology Office at Ruff Tuff Products in West Valley City, Utah.

After blogging for years at localcommentary.com, he now partially neglects four blogs:

(Updated April 4, 2017)

2 thoughts on “About David Rodeback”

  1. Matt Fisher says:

    Did you write the article “Searching for Joe Pinney”? If so I might have info for you. My dad went to school with him and I might be able to point you to people who knew Joe.

    1. David Rodeback says:

      I did, and I’d love to connect. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll e-mail you …

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