Reading Habit


The Reading Habit

If you’re looking for things not too many people have read — alas, because I have written them — you may want to check out The Writing Habit.

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David RodebackThe Reading Habit

Here I write of reading: reading itself, eventually, but also books and other things I’ve read, am reading, or want to read. I’ll throw in some gems — quotations — I find along the way, plenty of things to read that aren’t books, and possibly some recommendations from others. (If something fits The Faith Habit, The Freedom Habit, or The Writing Habit, and is not otherwise of general reading interest, you will find it there, not here.)

Here are some fun things you can do here:

  • Make comments. For example, tell us how you liked the book.
  • Contribute some of your own gems. Be selective, though. I promise to be grateful, but I don’t guarantee that I’ll post everything anyone sends.
  • Suggest similar books you think I or others might enjoy — or dissimilar ones, for that matter.
  • Tell us your favorite find at the semi-annual Tompkins County Public Library Friends of the Library Book Sale or some similar paradise for the bookish. That event is one of the things I most miss about Ithaca, New York, and would most like to visit regularly — or ever again.
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