David’s Root Beer and Gourmet Soda Ratings

Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer

Updated January 9, 2018.

It’s a relatively free country. You’re welcome to your colas, your root beer that tries to be a cola (Barq’s), and your yellowish liquid which doesn’t resemble any condensation I ever saw in the mountains or elsewhere.

I enjoy a good root beer or ginger beer, and a good gourmet soda in general — once or twice a week, when I can.

For my own amusement and reference, for the eye-rolling of my family, and for the entertainment of friends both present and future, I keep this online list of root beers and selected other sodas I’ve enjoyed, with letter grades rating them.

Read: About My Rating System

For a more descriptive, higher-brow sets of root beer ratings and reviews, check out Eric’s Gourmet Root Beer Site and Rob’s Root Beer Review. And Utah readers, er, drinkers may especially enjoy this 2010 article on a “Root Beer Renaissance.”

The A’s

Root Beers

Anchor Ginger Root Beer (A)
Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer (A)

Henry Weinhardt’s (A/A-)
Sprecher (A/A-)
Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer (A/A-)

A&W (fountain) (A-)
Brigham’s Brew (A-)
Dog n Suds (A-)
Gale’s (A-)
Hippo Size Jumbo (A-)
IBC (A-)
Kutztown (A-)
Maddox Birch Root Beer (A-)  (available only at the restaurant in Perry, Utah)
O-So Butterscotch Root Beer (A-)
Old Red Eye (A-)
Red Rock (A-)
Saranac (A-)
Sioux City (A-)
Sparky’s (A-)

Capone Family Secret (A-/B+)
Reading Draft (A-/B+)
St. John’s Virgin Islands (A-/B+)
Stewart’s (A-/B+)

Other Gourmet Sodas

Henry Weinhardt’s Black Cherry Cream (A+/A)
Reed’s Stronger Ginger Beer (A+/A) — stronger than extra
Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer (A+/A)
Stewart’s Key Lime (A+/A)

Americana Black Cherry (A)
Henry Weinhard’s Orange Cream (A)
Reed’s Cherry Ginger Brew (A)
Reed’s Ginger Beer (A)
Stewart’s Cherries ‘n’ Cream (A)
Stewart’s Orange ‘n’ Cream (A)
Trader Joe’s Brewed Ginger Beer (A)

Americana Orange Cream (A-)
Apple Beer (A-)
Bedford’s Orange Cream (A-)
Caruso’s Legacy Concord Grape (A-)
Earp’s Original Sarsaparilla (A-)
Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream (A-)
O-So Grape (A-)
O-So Strawberry (A-)
Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Brew (A-)
Sprecher Strawberry (A-)
Stewart’s Grape (A-)
Vernor’s Ginger Ale (A-)

Americana Huckleberry (A-/B+)
Snake River Sarsaparilla (A-/B+)

The B’s

Root Beers

Americana (B+)
Bedford’s (B+)
Dad’s (B+)
Dang! That’s Good (B+)
Dr. Brown’s (B+)
Foxon Park (B+)
Frostie (B+)
Johnnie Ryan (B+)
New York Seltzer (B+)
Reading Draft (B+)
Red Arrow (B+)
Route Beer 66 (B+)
Sea Dog (B+)
Sioux City (B+)
Teddy’s (B+)
WBC Chicago Style (B+)

A&W (can/bottle) (B)
Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer (B)
Bulldog (B)
Capt’n Eli’s (B)
Crater Lake (B)

Other Gourmet Sodas

Bedford’s Ginger Ale (B+)
Filber’s Grapefruit (B+)
Frostie Orange (B+)
Grapefruit Kiss (B+)
Nesbitt’s (of California) Strawberry (B+)

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer (B)
Private Selection Hopped Grapefruit Cream (B)

The C’s

Root Beers

Shasta (C+)
Sprecher Honey Root Beer (C+) — didn’t like the honey taste; others will

Tommyknocker (C) — others may love the taste of maple; I don’t

Other Gourmet Sodas

None yet.

The D’s

Root Beers

Barq’s (D)

Other Gourmet Sodas

None yet.

Coming Someday: My favorite places to get my favorite libations.

One thought on “David’s Root Beer and Gourmet Soda Ratings”

  1. David Rodeback says:

    I’ve promoted Anchor Ginger Root Beer to a straight A, after drinking a few more bottles.

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