David’s Root Beer and Gourmet Soda Ratings

Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer

Updated March 3, 2017.

It’s a relatively free country. You’re welcome to your colas, your root beer that tries to be a cola (Barq’s), and your yellowish liquid which doesn’t resemble any condensation I ever saw in the mountains or elsewhere.

I enjoy a good root beer or ginger beer, and a good gourmet soda in general — once or twice a week, when I can.

For my own amusement and reference, for the eye-rolling of my family, and for the entertainment of friends both present and future, I keep this online list of root beers and selected other sodas I’ve enjoyed, with letter grades rating them.

Read: About My Rating System

For a more descriptive, higher-brow sets of root beer ratings and reviews, check out Eric’s Gourmet Root Beer Site¬†and Rob’s Root Beer Review. And Utah readers, er, drinkers may especially enjoy this 2010 article on a “Root Beer Renaissance.”

The A’s

Root Beers

Anchor Ginger Root Beer (A)
Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer (A)

Henry Weinhardt’s (A/A-)
Sprecher (A/A-)
Virgil’s Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer (A/A-)

A&W (fountain) (A-)
Brigham’s Brew (A-)
Dog n Suds (A-)
Gale’s (A-)
Hippo Size Jumbo (A-)
IBC (A-)
Kutztown (A-)
Old Red Eye (A-)
Red Rock (A-)
Saranac (A-)
Sioux City (A-)
Sparky’s (A-)

Capone Family Secret (A-/B+)
Reading Draft (A-/B+)
St. John’s Virgin Islands (A-/B+)
Stewart’s (A-/B+)

Other Gourmet Sodas

Henry Weinhardt’s Black Cherry Cream (A+/A)
Reed’s Stronger Ginger Beer (A+/A) — stronger than extra
Reed’s Extra Ginger Beer (A+/A)
Stewart’s Key Lime (A+/A)

Henry Weinhard’s Orange Cream (A)
Reed’s Ginger Beer (A)
Stewart’s Cherries ‘n’ Cream (A)
Stewart’s Orange ‘n’ Cream (A)
Trader Joe’s Brewed Ginger Beer (A)

Apple Beer (A-)
Bedford’s Orange Cream (A-)
Caruso’s Legacy Concord Grape (A-)
Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream (A-)
O-So Grape (A-)
O-So Strawberry (A-)
Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Brew (A-)
Sprecher Strawberry (A-)
Stewart’s Grape (A-)
Vernor’s Ginger Ale (A-)

The B’s

Root Beers

Americana (B+)
Bedford’s (B+)
Dad’s (B+)
Dang! That’s Good (B+)
Dr. Brown’s (B+)
Frostie (B+)
Johnnie Ryan (B+)
New York Seltzer (B+)
Reading Draft (B+)
Red Arrow (B+)
Route Beer 66 (B+)
Sioux City (B+)
Teddy’s (B+)
WBC Chicago Style (B+)

A&W (can/bottle) (B)
Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer (B)
Bulldog (B)
Capt’n Eli’s (B)
Crater Lake (B)

Other Gourmet Sodas

Bedford’s Ginger Ale (B+)
Filber’s Grapefruit (B+)
Grapefruit Kiss (B+)

Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer (B)
Private Selection Hopped Grapefruit Cream (B)

The C’s

Root Beers

Shasta (C+)
Sprecher Honey Root Beer (C+) — didn’t like the honey taste; others will

Tommyknocker (C) — others may love the taste of maple; I don’t

Other Gourmet Sodas

None yet.

The D’s

Root Beers

Barq’s (D)

Other Gourmet Sodas

None yet.

Coming Someday: My favorite places to get my favorite libations.

One thought on “David’s Root Beer and Gourmet Soda Ratings”

  1. David Rodeback says:

    I’ve promoted Anchor Ginger Root Beer to a straight A, after drinking a few more bottles.

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