Faith Habit


The Faith Habit

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David RodebackThe Faith Habit

Here I write of faith, religion, and related themes — mostly my own faith and religion. I’m a Mormon. (They like me to say: a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.) I’m not trying to persuade you to be one, if you’re not. My primary motive here is to explain — to Mormons, other Christians, other believers, unbelievers, myself, whomever. There’s need for that; I hope that understanding, exploration, and intelligent discussion are always welcome.

My writings are sometimes apologetic (in the sense of reasoned argument), in that I am attempting to justify or defend my faith by explaining it. But I make no apologies (in the conventional sense) for having faith, for having a faith, or for presuming to discuss and ponder.

Some Postulates
A Little Disclaimer
autumn leaves

Thanksgiving Thoughts


Circle the Wagons? Or Leaven the Loaf?

waiting for dawn

Of Light, When We Cannot See It

“Every Good Thing”

Short Take: Skipped Are the Words of Isaiah?

Short Take: Parallel Experiences

Tokens of Thanks

Short Take: “The Lamb . . . Shall Feed Them”

Short Take: Paul, Agrippa, Grace

General Conference and My Obedience

Short Take: “And Lifted Him Up”

My Bishop Shoes

Short Take: More Than a Sower

Lenten Reflections

good Samaritan

Short Take: One Parable, Six Roles — Good Samaritan

daily bread

Short Take: “Our Daily Bread” – The Source of All Life

Short Take: Shepherds and Lambs

Short Take: Huldah the Prophetess

Thankful Reflections on an Interesting Year

Short Take: “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing”

It’s Because She Writes Like This

Most of It Comes Down to This

Building Our Refuge

A Gem from General Conference: Divine Aid

What Mormons Mean: “The Church Is True”

Short Take: Elijah’s Post-Miracle Depression

Short Take: Do We Praise Enough?

Short Take: Here Am I

Short Take: Old Law for New Times

Short Take: Using the JST

Short Take: Agency and the Alternative, Part Two

Am I My Neighbor’s Neighbor?

Short Take: Agency and the Alternative

Short Take: Eight Tips for Loving the Old Testament

Short Take: “The Most Correct Book”

Short Take: How Much Shall We Hope? For Whom? For How Long? Why?

Short Take: “Your Words Have Been Stout Against Me”

Short Take: The King’s Prayer

Short Take: It’s Okay to Be Human

Short Take: A Psalm of Alma

Short Take: Another Side of the Atonement

Short Take: We Are All Ministers

Short Take: “We Search the Prophets”

Short Take: 2 Nephi 2

Short Take: A Pattern in 1 Nephi 1

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