Casting Call for American Fork, August 25, 26, and 28

Depending on how this goes, you could be locally famous when we’re done. Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

The American Fork Heritage and History Pageant is being revived this year on the evenings of Friday, August 25; Saturday, August 26; and Monday, August 28.

This is my last-minute casting call for one of the vignettes. I’ll tell you a bit about the pageant, and then I’ll tell you the roles we’re trying to fill and some information about filling them.

Searching for Sergeant Pinney

One small part of my work on a soldier’s biography I’m writing — well, mostly researching at the moment — is my search for Sergeant John S. Pinney. My search for him in newspapers and genealogical databases had been in vain, until I noticed that my subject pronounced the surname differently one day in an interview. I had tried alternate spellings before, just not the right one.

Follow this link: Searching for Sergeant Pinney