Nine Roses and Three (a short story)

I was in Walmart the evening before Valentine’s Day, picking up an item or two. On my way out, I saw an old man holding a bouquet of roses he had just bought. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. He was just standing and looking at the roses. Somehow, that put me in a writing mood. So I wrote this little thing that night, polished it the following morning, and e-mailed it to my mother-in-law for Valentine’s Day.

Rather than putting the story itself in this post, I’m linking to a PDF file of it, for the sake of preserving the font I used.

For the record, it’s not about anyone in particular. It’s just what my brain conjured up when I saw an old man holding a bouquet.

Nine Roses and Three (a Short Story)

Here’s a mobile-friendly PDF (with much larger print), in case you’re reading on a small screen.

Nine Roses and Three (a Short Story) — mobile version

It’s five pages long, or about 1700 words.

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